How to Receive Services

1. Talk with Your Primary Care Provider

Ask your primary care provider to refer you to Range Community Clinic, who partners with the Autism and Neurodevelopmental Program.

2. Range Community Clinic Calls You

Once Range Community Clinic has received a referral from your primary care provider, a patient support representative will contact you.

Your patient services representative will ask you to complete the required paperwork for the next steps, which will include a release of information for us to review any current records from other providers.

3. We Determine Your Child’s Assessment Needs

Once all information has been received, a multidisciplinary care team will review your child’s records, and determine what areas of evaluation are needed.

4. We Call You to Schedule an Appointment

Your patient services representative will work with you directly for scheduling.

You will receive a welcome letter from the clinic detailing what you and your child can expect during their visit. You will be provided with a detailed list of providers who will see your child and what areas will be assessed.

5. The Day of Your Visit

Your child will see multiple providers on the day of your visit. A member of the team will be assigned to you and your family to support you throughout your appointment.


If you have questions about any of these steps or the multidisciplinary team evaluation, please contact Range Community Clinic at 509-505-7481 

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