Health where you are.

We are a non-profit academic health network

We will meet you wherever you are in your health care journey.

We strive to deliver prevention, wellness strategies and treatment to improve the health of Washington’s communities and provide personalized care.

Changing the healthcare landscape in Washington

We are clinicians redefining what it means to be healthy.

Through prevention strategies, innovative treatment and education we will raise the standard for health in Washington state.

We aim to ensure everyone in Washington has access to the best care and prevention strategies, no matter where they are.

Building a network to address many aspects of health

Through technology, research and the expertise of health care professionals at Washington State University, we seek to improve access as well as meet the need for medical services in challenged healthcare environments.

We are joined in this effort by partners across the state who coordinate resources to strategically address a more complete picture of a person’s health and well-being.

Promoting well-being to help people thrive

Health is more than health care. It is living better, longer. Strengthening our communities starts by preventing illness and making quality health more affordable and accessible for all.

We will provide people with the education, tools and strategies needed to take control of their health and well-being. By treating people where they are, we will tailor our services to different populations and will continue to improve their health outcomes.

Service across the State

Mobile and Clinical Care

Physical and Behavioral Health

Research, Prevention and Treatment

Help us make a difference.

Your gift will break down barriers to care, improve lives and help people thrive.

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